About Us

Guiding Principles

Our focus on strategic initiatives within the ICT & E sectors brought about by government restructuring programmes, private sector reform initiatives, where expertise and in-house capabilities can be developed for future deployment in similar initiatives in Africa and internationally, where strong networks and business relationships have been built across these sectors.

The delivery of integrated ICT & E solutions to clients is guided by:

  1. Detailed understanding of the project, its complexities and key requirements and, with the application of the necessary methodologies to achieve a conceptual solution that is aligned to the best value proposition in providing service offerings to clients.
  2. Detailed analysis of client requirements and deliverables relating to project outcomes.
    Provision of enterprise architectures or domain specific solutions based on our in-depth understanding of client
  3. Maximise the utilisation and the integration of information communication technology, based on business process needs.
  4. Strong partnership with our clients in providing holistic solutions even though the recommendations we make may be contrary to popular belief.

Our approach to Business Solutions

The success of a business enterprise is based on a number of factors, not least being its use of elegant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. ICT is a business enabler, not a standalone service and should be an integral part of formulating organisational goals and objectives. In choosing to make the distinction between Information Technology and Information Systems, we identify these two key components of successful Business Solutions using ICT.

Our approach to Projects

  1. Proactive engagement with clients from inception of the opportunity in a value-adding manner, commencing with project conceptualisation through to implementation.
  2. Focus on strategic business initiatives that facilitate growth and development of the organization, using the knowledge of the client and our team’s expertise in implementing projects.
  3. Strong focus on projects that provide opportunities for the integration of business processes with information and
communication technology solutions, using our expertise in key industry sectors.
  4. Actively pursue local and global strategic alliances that facilitate the development of our expertise in key areas of focus.
  5. Firm positioning to tackle niche projects through alliances with experts across our focus areas.