Lantech Systems (Pty) Ltd is a BEE Level 1 accredited, ICT Consulting, Services and Integration company. Lantech Systems was founded with the purpose of establishing a strong resource pool of ICT expertise, focusing on specialist skills ranging from ICT strategists, Enterprise Architects, Business and Systems analysts through to technical specialists in systems and network solutions, design and implementation. Lantech Systems is an ICT Solutions company, and the implementation of its solutions is supported by practical methodologies and paradigms.

Our Vision

Lantech Systems focuses on strategic initiatives within the ICT & E sectors brought about by government restructuring programs and private sector reform initiatives; where expertise and in-house capabilities can be developed for future deployment in similar initiatives in Africa and internationally; where strong networks and business relationships have been built across these sectors.

Our Mission

To provide excellent ICT Solutions to our customers and simultaneously share our experience, knowledge and expertise in growing our clients business by improving efficiency, adding value and providing sustainable solutions.